FieldNET benefits using pivot/drip control features


FieldNET benefits using the pump control features

  • Real time capability saves time and labor, less trips to the field

  • Integrated pump and pivot control for more efficient system performance

  • Monitor and maintain each pump for peak performance

  • Alerts automatically sent to your cell phone for any disparity of normal operation

  • Dynamic Demand Control (DDC) maximizes energy savings by using dynamic pressure set points.

  • Add an advanced power meter for accurate measurement (kW and kW/H) for superior management capability

  • Run usage and performance reports


FieldNET Mobile benefits using Smartphones and Tablets

  • Save time and money with fewer trips to the field

  • User-friendly interface for fast remote access

  • Receive real-time alerts, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime

  • Know the status of all equipment immediately from one color-coded list

  • Map view provides system insights and locations of equipment

  • Quick link to full Web Portal features, such as end-guns and irrigation plans