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FieldNET Advisor - How it Works

Farmers today have more to do, with less time to do it all. One of those challenges is managing irrigation systems during the growing season - including deciding when, where and how much to irrigate.

FieldNET Advisor

FieldNET® by Lindsay is pleased to introduce FieldNET Advisor™, a revolutionary irrigation management solution designed to provide growers with simple, science-based irrigation recommendations to enable faster, better-informed irrigation management decisions.


FieldNET® by Lindsay is the industry's first fully integrated wireless and mobile solution to manage irrigation systems, providing automatic control of water and chemigation application to employ best management practices.

Pivot Control

FieldNET Pivot Control is an innovative controller designed to retrofit almost any existing electric pivot brand and create one universal look and feel. Pivot Control can change the way growers manage their entire irrigation system with this single easy-to-use platform.

101-Year-Old Grower Embraces FieldNET Technology

It’s not unusual to find the latest technology powering farm equipment… but it is unique to find a 101-year-old behind the controls. A lifelong Kansas farmer, Loyd Ratts remembers the days when horses powered the plows and other equipment on his farmland.

FieldNET Drip Micro-Irrigation

FieldNET® redefines drip and micro irrigation control. The industry's most intuitive and easy-to-use wireless irrigation management solution is now available for drip and micro irrigation applications - reducing risk and saving time, labor, water, energy and chemicals.