Intelligent Pump Control

An integrated, user-friendly option to remotely monitor pump stations from the office or the field using FieldNET® by Lindsay Pump Control.

Watertronic's innovative controls maximize the efficiency of your complete irrigation system. Whether it is a new or existing pump system, single or multiple pump operation, Watertronics can provide a customized pump control solution for almost any agricultural irrigation system.

Water, labor and energy costs are lowered especially if it is combined with FieldNET® for a completely integrated control system. In some cases you may save up to 75% of the labor and fuel it takes to physically check operations.

In addition, its status and alert features keep growers informed on system operation. This real-time system allows you to better prioritize irrigation scheduling for greater efficiency.

What Can Be Monitored?

  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Pump Running
  • VFD Output Frequency
  • Motor Amps
  • Pump Enabled/Disabled Status
  • Alarm Status
  • VFD Fault (Specific Faults)
  • Total Water Pumped
  • Energy Usage (kWh)
  • Temperature
  • Voltage

What Can Be Controlled?

  • Pump Enable/Disable
  • Pump Fault Reset
  • VFD Parameter Changes
  • Pressure Transducer Set Point


  • Easily diagnose pump performance with pressure, flow and pump cycle trending charts
  • Build water and energy usage summaries for easy data reporting

Maximize System Uptime

  • Alerts for alarm conditions, water levels and pump status sent via text or email keep you informed about system operations
  • Remotely make system adjustments, reset alarms and enable/disable pump

Power Usage

  • Optimize wire-to-water efficiency by monitoring and recording power consumption and the quality of incoming power

Online Data Storage

  • Integrated RTU automatically pushes your data to our secure data vault keeping it safe from computer crashes or viruses

Dynamic Demand Control

Innovative Dynamic Demand Control (DDC) groups pivots with pump stations to reduce energy costs through powerful information sharing between the pivots and the pump station. FieldNET® can automatically

 adjust pump station pressure setpoints to best match demand from the pivots that are irrigating.  Pumps are always operated at the most energy-efficient setpoint and then automatically sequenced to effectively meet demand.

The sequencing of pumps also increases pump life by evenly spreading the workload among all pumps for greater return on investment.