Jeff McBride Q&A


Jeff McBride
Ogallala, Nebraska

Personal info
Family: wife, 3 kids w/4th
on the way
Age: 38
Education: Agronomy degree
from the University of Nebraska
Interests: Highschool football coach, church and school
board member

Operational info
Acres: 2,000 irrigated
Crops: corn, soybeans, and wheat
Pivots: 15
Control panels: Zimmatic Vision

FieldNET info
Seasons in use: 5
Access: Smartphone & tablet
Plug & play add-ons: soil moisture sensor, weather station

Q&A with Jeff McBride

Q: How does FieldNET help you on and off the farm?

A: People always ask me, "How can you coach and farm at the same time?" It's a big benefit being able to check on my pivots wherever I am. This technology has allowed me to become more efficient with my time so I can be involved with some of the other things I love to do besides farming.

Q: What is one of the features you like most about FieldNET?

A: Having general information on one screen – it's just one click and I can see it all. Everybody's about speed . . . how fast they can do this and that. It sounds simple, but if something is two more clicks away, some people just won't do it.

Q: Are there any additional FieldNET capabilities that you can't live without?

A: The ease of endgun control and getting them set right. I converted to 100% electric motors and FieldNET works really well with those, it's the simplicity of starting and stopping the motors.

Q: Where do you think the technology trend in farming is headed?

A: Everything is about how you can be the most efficient on your acres and get the biggest return on your investment. We are in the technology age and FieldNET is a big part of that.

Q: How do you think FieldNET can help other growers?

A: Farms are expanding and acres are getting bigger so farmers need to do more with less equipment, less manpower, and FieldNET is an even greater asset. For example, if someone has to drive 40 miles one way to check a pivot, it's nice to log onto FieldNET in the morning and save that time. The timesavings is by far the biggest benefit.

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