Pivot Control Lite

The newest addition to the Pivot Control family, Pivot Control Lite is an economical end-of-pivot mounted controller designed to retrofit existing electric pivot brands. This product trades some control capabilities like remote start and remote control of the pump operation to provide a simple, lower cost option for growers that mainly want to monitor and stop their pivots.

The innovative, patent pending design allows users to continue to utilize all the features of their existing in-field control panel (mechanical or digital) while adding remote monitoring and control, without the worry of the application depth control issues common in other end-of-pivot mounted solutions.

Pivot Control Lite includes an integrated cellular RTU and on-board GPS. Additionally, Pivot Control Lite has a span cable monitoring option that can detect a break in the cable that could be a potential theft incident.

Two Powerful Solutions

Pivot Control Lite

Pivot Control Lite is makes it easy to reap the benefits of remote control and monitoring of center pivots. The entire system will fit in one hand and wires directly into the last tower box, meaning you don’t have to modify anything at the pivot point. Your OEM panel will maintain 100% of its original functionality. Its small size and end-of-pivot mounting means Pivot Control Lite installation is quick, simple and universal. Its location at the last tower also makes it a great fit for many applications and easy to install any time of year.

Pivot Control

Pivot Control delivers the ultimate solution, with full remote control of pivots, pumps and injectors. Unlike other remote controllers, Pivot Control has an in-field control interface mounted at the pivot point, as well as an end-of-pivot mounted GPS receiver to deliver an enhanced feature set. The user-friendly look and feel allows for quick adjustments in the field.

Take Back Your Peace of Mind With Cable Theft Detection

Irrigation cable and copper theft is a problem in many rural areas. Thieves can strip away cable very quickly that can go unnoticed because of the remote location of many center pivots.

Never be surprised by cable theft again with the Pivot Control Lite optional cable theft detection feature. Even when your pivot is powered off, Pivot Control Lite is monitoring your span cable. Disruption in the monitoring will immediately send an email or text message alert that identifies the time and name of the pivot experiencing the issue. This is valuable real-time information that can be passed to law enforcement or used to notify neighbors that may be in the area to prevent further theft.

All Pivot Control Lite hardware devices are theft detection ready and able to be upgraded at any time. The cable theft package can be installed in your Pivot Control Lite in just a few minutes. No additional subscription cost is required.

Which Pivot Control Product is Right for Me?

Select Pivot Control Lite if you prefer:

Select Pivot Control if you prefer:

  • Lowest cost product and subscription fees.
  • Easy installation that provides the flexibility of moving the controller from year to year.
  • Monitoring and remote stop because your pivot can’t be remotely started (e.g. powered by generator, roto-phase, etc).
  • You’re leasing the land and don’t own the pivot but want your own remote monitoring and control.
  • Optional cable theft detection.
  • The ability to remote start your pivot.
  • More control features, including the ability to re-motely control the pump and an accessory.
  • One universal control interface in the field because you operate multiple types of control panels and want to simplify operations.
  • An alternative to purchasing new or repairing your older OEM control panel but want your own remote monitoring and control.

Pivot Control Lite Basic VRI

VRI helps optimize water and energy efficiency, with no additional hardware needed to upload plans. An optional, basic VRI subscription gives you the ability to control pivot speed for up to 360 sectors.

1. Basic Sectional VRI ready — out of the box, just add a subscription.
2. Create or manage plans on the fly with the powerful FieldNET interface.
3. Use FieldNET Advisor to generate unique VRI plans daily.