Pivot & Lateral Control
Intelligent Pump Control

Save time, money, water and chemicals with an easy-to-use irrigation control panel.  Whether you have Zimmatic® irrigation systems or competitor brands, there is a FieldNET® ready solution for you.

Advanced controls technology for high efficiency pumping that produces significant energy savings and labor savings. Today the Ag market is benefiting from advancing irrigation efficiencies, available through Lindsay’s worldwide Dealer network.

Drip/Micro Irrigation Control
Plug & Play Add-Ons

Lindsay’s award-winning wireless irrigation management system provides the industry’s most comprehensive options to remotely control entire irrigation systems. Combined with Multi-Control, FieldNET can now do the same with drip- and micro-irrigation systems. FieldNET gives growers complete access to any system throughout the entire crop life cycle.

Innovative plug-and-play add-ons help utilize best management practices that offer convenience and lower operating costs through the efficient use of time, labor, energy and water. These plug and play accessories perform numerous tasks including measuring, reporting, and management of individual sprinklers or zones of sprinklers.