FieldNET has multiple subscription levels based on your equipped hardware and monitoring/control needs.  The newly released subscription portal will guide you to the proper service level and desired term length.


Unlock the full potential of your hardware devices.  The premium service level is the right choice for growers who desire full remote control and monitoring capabilities.  

Supported Devices

  • Boss Panels
  • Vision Panels
  • Pivot Control
  • AIMS Panels
  • FieldNET Pro
  • Vision Laterals
  • Multi-Control
  • Watertronics Pump Station


Basic subscriptions are for equipment with monitoring and basic control features.

Supported Devices

  • Basic Link
  • Advanced Pump Station
  • Sentry


See what is happening in your field in real-time through the easy and convenient FieldNET app or web portal.  The monitor service level is for devices that do not have control capabilities.

Supported Devices

  • Soil Water Station
  • Climate Station
  • Rainfall Station 

Sensors & Relays

The sensors and relays service level is for all of your devices connected to a choice card.  The collection of supported sensors and relays can be grouped into an advanced pump station once in FieldNET.  

Note: When activating subscriptions, up to 8 sensors can be placed on a single choice card.  You only need to add a subscription to the first sensor on the choice card.  You may add additional sensors through the FieldNET web portal and group them into an advanced pump station.

Supported Devices

  • Pressure Sensor
  • Power Transducer
  • Relay Controlled Device
  • Relay Input Device
  • Level Sensor
  • Rain Bucket
  • TDS Sensor
  • pH Sensor
  • Voltage Sensor
  • Frequency Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Current Sensor
  • Flow Meter

Cellular Bridge

The cellular bridge is an economical option for FieldNET users that have multiple connected devices.  The cellular bridge communicates with your FieldNET enabled equipment through a local radio network and passes all of that communication to FieldNET via cellular.

Precision VRI

If you have a Precision VRI system by Growsmart, you are able to connect with FieldNET through a stand-alone subscription.  If you also desire the ability to control your pivot through FieldNET with a Boss or Vision panel, the Precision VRI subscription becomes an add-on to your existing Premium subscription.

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