Zimmatic Control Panels

Easy irrigation control designed to fit your field - and your life

Save time, money, water and chemicals with an easy-to-use irrigation control panel. The BOSS and VISION are programmable controllers so you can precisely control irrigation in uneven terrain, varying soil types or fields with multiple crops. Benefits include:

Fields with one or more crops:

  • Match crop water requirements with programmable water amounts per sector areas of the field.
  • Reduce waste with restricting water areas like fallow land.
Partial circle fields:
  • Control under and over watering in reversing areas.
  • Automatically auto-stop or reverse at field boundary barriers.
Fields with variable soil types:
  • Adjust application rates to match soil water holding capacities by sector area.
  • Reduce wasteful over application on heavier soils.

Fields with uneven terrain:

  • Reduce field boundry run-off in low areas.
  • Minimize erosion.
  • Reduce getting stuck in low areas.
Zimmatic Control Panels


Optimal Performance

Conserving water, energy and labor is easy with the BOSS controller. It gives you common-sense irrigation programs that make controlling irrigation fast and simple.

Zimmatic Control Panels


For Pivots: Visualize the Ease of Controlling Your Irrigation

The VISION controller is a breakthrough in ease-of-use. This controller offers powerful programmable features and a graphical user interface. The Vision Zone provides an insightful and comprehensive operation status.

For laterals: a breakthrough in user-friendly lateral control

The VISION controller for laterals creates an entirely new experience for growers. It's user-friendly design, built specifically for lateral irrigation, allows you to automatically control your systems with the touch of a button.

Click here for more information on the VISION for Laterals.

Zimmatic Control Panels


Simple, hands-on irrigation control

The BASIC panel gives you easy, hands-on pivot control. Its innovative design provides reliability that has been proven under the toughest operating conditions over time.

The BASIC control panel sets the standard for manual operation. It's intuitive to use and provides easy-to-understand indicator lights.

Controller Comparison Chart

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